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IS ANYBODY THERE?… There… there… So this is what a first blog sounds like. An empty auditorium. Now I know how that Les Miserable chap felt. Empty chairs at empty tables. Just with less dead American actors clutching blood-stained baguettes. Oh well, gotta’ start somewhere I guess. I should probably relate this to the Mockingbird website in some way, shouldn’t I? No rush though, this is only blog number one (“it’s more like a number two, mate!” – no need for that).

So… comics, eh? That’s probably the primary subject I’ll be covering in our time together. The process, the art, some doodles. I may even talk about some of the comic-based films – if any ever get made! That’s sarcasm, by the way.

But listen, before we get going, you need to know, I cannot promise you anything unique or insightful, beneficial or helpful in any way (this is starting to sound like my wedding vows). But I promise, on my honour as a former sea scout, that I will endeavour to make these blogs partially entertaining and at least marginally witty (I’m out of my depth already, I know).

Okay, I’m off now, but thank you for coming. I think this first blog has gone okay. I can’t wait to see how the second one goes, and I imagine nor can you! Lower your expectations though, it will no doubt be like a one-hit wonder’s difficult follow-up album… BUM… Bum… bum… There’s that echo again. (That’s the level we’re at, folks!).