Mockingbird: Nightmare on Another Planet


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Due for release at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in mid-October, this is your chance to order a copy in advance! This is a very limited run, so don’t miss out!

128 pages of Mockingbird’s space adventures, collecting the first three issues of Space: Out of this World with an additional 35+ pages (that would have been issue 4), plus exclusive behind-the-scenes preliminary sketches.

Lost in Space meets Alice in Wonderland for an all ages sci-fi tale of jeopardy and friendship.

Mockingbird thought a field trip to Angel-10 would be a breeze, but she hadn’t banked on the menacing presence of the Ulandi, the planet’s natural (or unnatural) inhabitants.

A young student of Practical Solar Mechanics, what could they possibly want with her? Or, with no friends, is she just being paranoid?

Either way, she’ll just die if she doesn’t get her assignment finished!

128 pages B/W in one colour glossy cover.


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