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The third issue, first sighted in September 1997. If I said Action-Packed I wouldn’t be lying, in fact I’d be understating myself! This one has it all. If by ‘all’ I mean a big punch up and a pulsating character-driven plot! In fact (worth saying twice), I had to squeeze four extra pages in here; the story demanded it. And those are the sort of demands I’m happy to meet! Unfortunately this was the last published issue of a planned four-issue story arc. But do not weep, gentle reader, the Graphical Novel will contain all three of these original issues plus an extra 35+ pages of the stunning finale! High five.

24 pages B/W in one colour glossy cover.


Small Print: I will send you the highest quality comic (I would guess ‘near mint/very fine’) from a pile beside me. Please be aware that as I’ve lugged these round various conventions some copies may have: 1. A sticker with contact details on the back, or 2. Handwritten contact details on the back, or 3. Some other innocuous marking (e.g. a price sticker), or 4. None of the above. Your comic/s will be packaged in a sealed plastic sleeve inside a cardboard backed envelope, and posted first class. Whilst every care is taken in posting your item at this end, once it leaves my hands I cannot guarantee its safe arrival. If you wish for a more secure postal option please contact me. Postage within UK is free, but outside UK is £4.