Dear Spider-Man

October 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

imageDear Spider-Man

I hope you’re well. I know it’s been a while, I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch.

I hear your family has got a lot bigger since we last saw each other! It really has been a few years, hasn’t it?

I imagine you’ve changed, I know I have. It’s amazing thinking how much we used to have in common. We both had our geeky glasses wearing years, we both went through stages of wearing black all the time, even our luck with the ladies wasn’t dissimilar! I remember we both liked blondes, didn’t we? (Though none of my girlfriends died, or were cloned – as far as I know).

Are you still seeing the old crowd? Octavius, Norman, Eddie, Flint? I appreciate it’s hard to let some of them go, especially when they’re not great hanging out with other people. They’re kinda’ dependent on you, aren’t they? You’re their centre, really. I admit you were for me too, back then.

I used to look up to you a lot, like an older brother, I guess. I couldn’t wait to hear your stories and latest adventures. The genuine excitement and anticipation I used to feel, knowing we’d be meeting up. I do miss some of that magic.

But things change. I understand, for you, when you got married the focus changed, didn’t it? Responsibility and all that. To be fair, it’s unrealistic to expect things to stay exactly the same once you’re married. It just doesn’t sit right if you try to keep doing what was accepted in the past, when the present is no longer the same. I hope that’s working out for you, mate.

Anyway, maybe we’ll catch up soon. Feel free to swing by if you’re ever in the neighbourhood. I know you’re a popular fella, so no pressure, especially as I see you’ve got a whole lot of new friends since we last hung out. That’s cool. Nothing stays the same does it?

Give my love to your aunt.

Speak soon, ol’ chum.


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