Here and Back Again

September 15, 2014 — 1 Comment

Everyone (nobody) is always asking me (never asking me), “Flix! When is this wonderful sequential art piece of yours going to become that ancient medium known as ‘printed’?” It’s a question to which I have no substantial answer.

But do not fear, gentle reader, this is not la fin. Wipe that tear from your eyeball and I will attempt to give an adequate response (to the question you haven’t asked).

Many years ago, in a county far far away (dependent on your current location) a young fresh-faced youth stood with several bundles of self-penned, self-drawn, self-published comic books, held in his weak and trembling arms (they were quite heavy, as he’d over estimated the demand for his fine fare). He wondered, “Where should I venture with these stories of adventures amongst the stars?”

Hope (of sorts) was at hand, when a peculiarly avuncular gentleman offered to publish these remarkable cosmic tales, within the popular form of a graphical novel presentation.

Magical excitement bloomed within his heart.

But then a stumbly block appeared, my friends. The kindly aforementioned gentleman suffered a blow of such proportions that he no longer held the resources to invest in these bright dreams of visual delight.

Again, our bold hero found himself with a pile of comics weighing on his puny arms. From where would he now find a window to display his toil and sweat (not literally)?

Hope (of sorts) was at hand. “I. Will. Display. Your. Scribbles.” spoke the synthesized voice of his computer, beckoning our stalwart protagonist into its virtual embrace.

So here is today. No publisher to publish, but still, a digital opportunity and vehicle from which our young buck’s astro narrative can now be savoured by a worldwide comic-loving community. And who knows what hopes the future may hold for our third-person-referring entrepreneur, dot dot dot.

Does that answer your question?

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